Año 1940

B-69079 MA-6887 T-5397 CC-3149 GU-2031
M-64053 S-6627 NA-5305 BU-3028 SG-1776
SE-18947 GE-6484 L-4991 CR-2697 P-1763
V-18021 GC-6327 GR-4314 AL-2431 CE-1699
BI-14070 TF-6251 VA-4277 HU-2430 CU-1455
SS-11591 CO-6104 SA-3988 LO-2378 ZA-1351
O-10333 PO-5944 CS-3778 LU-2373 SO-1175
MU-9600 J-5912 TO-3671 VI-2193 AV-1106
A-7458 BA-5679 AB-3557 H-2150
Z-7258 C-5621 LE-3434 OR-2136
PM-7139 CA-5464 ML-3418 TE-2038

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