Año 1927

B-27949 CO-3022 T-2291 LE-1290 P-813
M-25439 J-3007 NA-2152 ML-1271 CU-712
SE-8993 MA-2996 VA-2067 AL-1204 SG-623
V-6282 PO-2914 GR-2043 LU-1042 ZA-616
BI-6248 BA-2810 L-1869 BU-1040 AV-493
SS-5731 GE-2669 TO-1781 HU-1015 CE-465
O-5078 TF-2592 SA-1716 OR-1003 SO-453
MU-4732 Z-2577 AB-1685 LO-910 TE-414
A-3613 CA-2514 CC-1569 GU-924
PM-3597 C-2469 CS-1355 H-874
S-3333 GC-2464 CR-1335 VI-817

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